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Ham Radio Deluxe Full
Ham Radio Deluxe Full
Version 6.3 of Ham Radio Deluxe. For $99.95, you are purchasing a perpetual license for Ham Radio Deluxe version 6.3. This license is valid for a lifetime. Included in your initial purchase is 12 months of Software Maintenance and Support at no additional charge. Software Maintenance and Support entitles you to direct access to the HRD technical support staff through phone or http://tickets.hrdsoftwarellc.com and to updates that include bug fixes and new features published during this initial Software Maintenance and Support period. In most cases, 12 months is sufficient in order to ensure that the software is installed and is working with no major problems. Beyond the initial 12 months, we sell optional renewals for Software Maintenance and Support for customers who wish to continue receiving the benefits of Software Maintenance and Support in additional 12 month increments.

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